Blog #1: The Beginning of True Viking Finance: 2020

It is a time of change in the world, as I personally experience my own and embark on a new role as a Business Finance Guide. Instead of lending to small businesses I will now help them borrow. My knowledge and experience in alternative business financing, along with the connections I have made, puts me in a good position to help guide business owners as they venture into the unknown.

I’ve created a website that reflects who I am and the services I provide and I hope you will check it out. Vikings did not just stumble onto North America as Columbus did. They developed knowledge and experience, and with strong leadership and a team of trusted, like-minded individuals with all the right tools, success was inevitable. This is the same approach True Viking Finance Inc will use to provide successful results for its clients.

I look forward to working with committed business owners needing help with financing by getting them the best possible deal in the shortest amount of time. The internet is not the right place to look for financing, or truthful answers to financing questions and it can waste valuable time. Cashflow problems oftentimes cause bad decisions to be made, and there are many just as important issues for business owners to focus on.

Government support cannot last forever, deferments are due, and many small and mid-sized business owners will be forced to look for alternative sources of financing. This will be new for many, and some will find themselves without control of their business if they are not careful. This all comes at a time when we are in need of an economy that will maintain and create new jobs.

Without a doubt challenging times are ahead, but I am willing to do what I can to help as many businesses as possible. I am also here to support you and your efforts to help your prospects and clients, and looking forward to reconnecting. I would love to hear from you directly, and of course, call me anytime to chat about any business finance challenge you encounter.

Let me know what you think about my website, and please provide a testimonial if you feel like I deserve one. I will resume blogging weekly again and I look forward to reconnecting with you one day soon.