Introduction:  pick a day and time for a 30-minute phone or video interview

This is the initial discovery time followed by an unbiased discussion about your financing challenge(s), and potential options for solving those challenges.  You will have the full attention of a business financing expert with current knowledge and many years of business financing experience.  It’s time to introduce your business to us.

You will be asked questions and we will answer all of yours.  You will receive frank and honest answers that are unbiased, based on your business, your situation, and your goals. 

An email with a summary of suggestions, ideas and comments will follow.  We let you know how we think and invited to take the next step.  At no time will you be asked for payment of any kind.  

Review:  you send us information and we get you ready

If you decide to proceed to this point, we will ask you to specific financial information, the same information that a lender would be asking from you.  In most cases this includes up to date financial statements but not in every case. We will review the information you are able to provide us and reply with feedback and comment.  

If you decide not to go further at this time, then simply let us know and at no time will we ever ask for payment from you.

Application Assistance:  we introduce you to lenders.

We like to think that for every good business there is the perfect lender, and we try to find the perfect one for you.  Not only the one with the best effective rate but the one that will work for you based on your goals for success.   

Lenders love to work with our clients, and we make sure you get their full attention.  We have access to their decision-making process, and we keep you in the loop.  We will save you time, money, and frustration.  

Ongoing support:  we’ll be there to help you along the way

As your business grows and evolves over time so will your financing needs.  The more you succeed the more pressure will be placed on you to dilute equity.  We’ll be here to help with debt options to consider before you make that decision. 

As you grow larger and stronger so will the debt options available to you.  We’ll help you with those options when time comes.  You’ll always be able to come to us to share our knowledge and introduce you to the right lender.

Prevent the Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make: Premature Equity Dilution

Problems of dilution if done too early:

  • Significant reduction of upside for founders
  • Loss of control
  • Need shareholder permission for operational decisions

By utilizing alternative financing, I can show you how to grow your business quickly and safely, by accessing the maximum amount of working capital and managing your cashflow carefully.

The tools are available, you just need to know how and when to use them. 

And I can guide you there.