Business Development vs Sales in the World of Business Finance

Imagine a world where the internet is the only place for business owners to get information about financing.  All they would see is “low rates, easy qualifying and quick payouts” and “click here”.  Everyone knows it’s all lies but apparently okay to say because it’s just Sales.

Businesses development on the other hand takes time and any lies become exposed.  Business finance needs will change over time, and many go through a multitude of lenders over its lifetime.  Quick and easy does not usually work well when it comes to business finance.

A great way to develop a true business relationship is by being able to provide real assistance at the right time and solutions that properly solve the challenges.  By allowing for continued growth, it improves everyone’s chance of success which is the payoff to a business development approach.

SMEs are where big businesses are hatching today.  Identifying the good ones and helping them to succeed is an excellent pathway to professional success.  It is also what most of us dreamed about doing when we first became interested in business finance.

I offer myself as a resource to help you with your business development.  When you encounter a good business with a financing challenge let’s have a chat.  I love working with rapid growth businesses and turnarounds and keeping them off the internet and out of the Dragons Den.

Thanks for reading to the end as I endeavor to be more consistent with my blogging.  Coming up with topics is the hard part so feel free to comment or suggest and if you ever want to chat here’s a link to my calendar:

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