The Difference Between Sharks, Dragons and Vultures

When it comes to equity financing these terms seem appropriate.  I advise business owners to do a lot of investigating before they consider any kind of dilution.

Sharks:  They hang around in packs, but you don’t see them coming.  Each one rips off a mouthful and then backs off to see how you handle it.  If you do well, they get excited and come back for more.  If they smell blood the ending is usually swift and terrible.

Dragons:  Great to have on your side as long as you can keep them happy. Once you let them in and things go well they tend to grow even more powerful.  Eventually there is no way to get rid of them.  Make them mad and they have the ability to burn it all to the ground.

Vultures:  They are always on the hunt for a healthy business in a weakened state.  That’s when you will notice them hovering overhead.  They are usually very patient but have also been known to deliver a killing blow when needed.

The world of equity financing is obviously a dangerous place made even more so as many dress like an Angels.

At True Viking Finance I introduce my clients to debt tools that allow them to grow quickly and safely and without equity dilution.  As a Business Finance Guide, I help them to navigate the ever-changing world of alternative finance.