True Viking Finance and 2022

I haven’t Blogged for a while as I was selling our house, launching the kids, and downsizing into a condo.  True Viking Finance also had a busy first year.  I look forward to 2022 but I think we all should enter it slowly so happy new year.

We can’t be sure what the business climate will be like but without a doubt business owners will continue to have financing challenges.  It might even be more challenging if all government support is cut off.  My plan is to help as many of them as I can.

The Alternative Financing landscape has changed and will continue to change as new players enter the market.  Many of them claim to have the answer to everyone’s financing problem.  Some things will never change.

Other lenders, including some who have been around a while, are using new technology to provide better programs at lower rates.  If this continues it will result in greater success for a larger number of business owners and my role is to help to make that happen.

I plan to Blog every couple of weeks, and I’ll soon be releasing a webinar.  Thank you for your continued interest and I would love to receive your feedback or suggestions on topics to blog about.

Please also keep me in mind for the next business owner you meet who needs a hand with financing.  I’m happy to go over the options so they can make the best decisions.  A warm introduction would be appreciated.  Thanks!

I wish us all good luck in 2022!