True Viking Finance Inc. 2 Year Update

The last two years have been the greatest journey I’ve ever been on, from unemployment in the middle of a pandemic to where I am today.  I’ve been able to combine my decades of experience with a new and improved set of business financing tools in a high-tech environment.  I continue to learn something every day and it has truly been a venture into the unknown.

I’m even more excited for the future ahead as I reflect on some of the highlights of the past.  Top of mind is a business with a serious CRA problem that has tripled its volume, paid everyone up to date and continues to grow.  I helped another business transition from a small secured loc, to a $3 million A/R line and within 6 months to a $7 million bank line.

I was able to help a lot of SME owners take advantage of various government guaranteed loans and one was funded in four days.  I’ve had hundreds of conversations with a wide variety of business owners and many I expect to work with in the future.  I like to think that those who have not called back at least now understand their options so they can make better decisions.

Putting cash into people’s hands quickly is the easy part, spending it correctly is the bigger challenge.  We can’t force our clients to spend their new funds where they should, so I do my best to show them.  My website includes Useful Websites for business owners, and I’ve written a number of Articles as well as a Webinar and even a Podcast.

I regularly present to groups of bankers and advisors and I’m currently preparing a presentation for an association of accountants.  If you or some of your colleagues are interested in learning more about the True Viking approach to business finance, please contact me directly.  I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.  Thanks!