What do Vikings have to do with Business Finance?

No one has asked me this question but I’m sure some are thinking it and the answer is “a lot”.  Vikings were highly successful entrepreneurs and there are many lessons to be learned from them.  I am a proud second generation Norwegian who has worked with hundreds of business owners, seen spectacular failures and great successes and my role today is to share what I have learned.

Individuals who start a business are truly embarking on a venture into the unknown.  Desire and the need for a better life outweighs their fear of losing everything.   They choose to give up a comfortable, risk free life in order to achieve their dreams.  That sounds like a Viking.

Vikings did not just sail towards the setting sun with high hopes and fingers crossed.  First they worked at honing their skills and gaining the kind of knowledge they would need to be successful.  They then enlisted like minded individuals who themselves had a wide variety of skills.  Lastly they acquired the best available tools and became expert in how to use them.

Vikings traveled as fast and as far as they could but they always kept land in sight.  When they were forced to stop they used that time to replenish, learn the lay of the land and hone their skills.  They constantly moved forward but only when the time was right, something that more entrepreneurs need to learn.

There is one leader on a Viking ship and the entrepreneur is that person.  They are skilled but they also understand that success requires the abilities of the people around them.  Successful entrepreneurs are able to surround themselves with skilled and experienced individuals and fully utilize those skills.  They are able to build loyalty and motivate.

I feel like I’ve been preparing to start my own business, True Viking Finance Inc. for many years, it takes some people longer than others.  Today I am no longer willing to risk it all but I’m a good person to have on the journey.  Business owners are the True Vikings.